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We offer Avid Micro-Chipping!

Have your new puppy permanently identified and registered in PETtrac...the global recovery service!

The cost is $40...this includes 
chip &life-time registration with PETtrac.

This is a one time cost to have your puppy permanently identified for life!
Feel free to contact for more information on having
your new puppy/dog micro chipped.

Thanks, Betty
(256) 393-5650
email:  yatesdachshunds@aol.com
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the AVID microchip? 
 A.V.I.D. stands for American Veterinary Identification Devices. The AVID microchip is a tiny computer chip which has an identification number programmed into it. The chip is encased in a 
smooth , strong biocompatible glass, and is small enough to fit into a hypodermic needle. It is about the size of a grain of rice. Once an dog/puppy is injected with the chip he can be identified throughout his life by this one-of-a-kind number. 
His identification cannot be lost, altered or intentionally removed.
2. How does the microchip work?
The microchip is injected deeply under the skin, at the base of the neck, above the shoulder blades. It sits safely there, totally inert. A special scanner is used to send a radio signal through the skin of the dog/puppy to read the chip. The dog/puppy feels nothing as the scanner is passed over him. The microchip sends it's number back to the scanner. It appears in the viewing window as, for example, 
AVID 220*609*321.
3. How long does the Microchip last?
The microchip has no power supply, battery, or moving parts. It is designed with an operating life of over 25years and is guaranteed for the life of the dog/puppy. Once injected, the microchip is anchored in place as a thin layer of connective tissue forms around it. The chip requires no care. It does not pass through or out of the body.
4. Does the procedure hurt the dog/puppy?
Although the microchip needle is larger that a typical vaccine needle, the general rule is this...your dog/puppy will react the SAME way to this shot as they do to any other. No better, no worse. Dogs/puppies do not over react to it. Their physical performance is not impaired and there is no scarring. The microchip is not a substance that can burn or irritate: the chip is completely biocompatible and non-offensive.
5. Could my dog/puppy be allergic to the chip?
The AVID microchip is inert, smooth and biocompatible. There is virtually no chance of the body developing an allergy or trying to reject the microchip after being properly injected.
6. Will the microchip move around once inside the body of the dog/puppy?
AVID microchips are sealed with a special smooth coating. This coating, once in contact with body fluids and subcutaneous tissue, helps the microchip stay where you  put it. When implanted, a small layer of connective tissue forms around the microchip, preventing movement or migration of the chip. 
7. Can the microchip be felt under the skin?
No. The chip is implanted deeply under the skin, no one will be able to locate the chip by touch, even in tiny breeds.  
8. My dog/puppy never leaves my yard. Why should it be microchipped?
It only takes one time for the mailman, gardener, meter reader, neighbor or friend to leave the gate open or the door ajar.  Pet theft is also a daily occurrence. Well behaved pets are sold for research. Animals such as purebreds, are valuable and are stolen for resale. Most shelters destroy the majority of pets they impound. They are destroyed only because they are not identified.  
9. If my pet is found, how does the shelter know to contact me?
When a shelter finds a pet with a microchip they will call AVID. If the pet is registered with AVID's recovery network, PETtrac, the shelter will be given the owner;s name. If the pet is not registered, they will be given the name of the veterinarian who injected the microchip. The veterinarian will provide the owner's latest information.  
10. What is PETtrac?
PETtrac is a global computerized tracking system for companion animals identified with the AVID Microchip.  When you become a member, PETtrac can reunite your pets directly with you.
I highly recommend having your dog/puppy
microchipped with an AVID chip!

The cost is $40...this includes 
chip &life-time registration with PETtrac.

A small price to pay for the security
of knowing you pet is protected for life!
This page last updated:  1-16-23
This page last updated:  1-16-23